How to lay waterproof effect on anti-seepage membrane of fish pond

The fish pond anti-seepage geomembrane is called anti-seepage membrane, and many farmers and fishermen friends are accustomed to call it waterproof membrane. Generally, fish ponds use three specifications of 0.4 mm thick, 0.5 mm thick, and 0.6 mm thick impermeable HDPE geocell manufacturers. Friends in the South refer to the thickness of the membrane as 40 filaments, 50 filaments, and 60 filaments.

So how to lay the construction? After cleaning and leveling the foundation surface of the fish pond, then lay the anti-seepage membrane. When the temperature is high, the membrane relaxes, and when the temperature is low, the plastic geocells manufacturers should be tight. After laying, we have to consider two ideas:
First, from the cost point of view, after laying the film, it is generally the lowest cost way to cover the soil layer with a thickness of at least 30 cm on site, but there are cases of pouring concrete or covering steel plates, of course this cost is higher;
Second, after laying the membrane in the fish pond, you can directly irrigate the water without backfilling the cover soil. Due to the isolation performance of the impermeable membrane, the feces of the fish are retained on the geomembrane, which is convenient for frequent pooling and cleaning in the future. Artificially, it can maintain good water quality for a long time and promote the growth and reproduction of fish, which can increase the yield by 2 to 3 times and improve the economic benefit.

The anti-seepage high quality plastic geocells of the fish pond has a good waterproof effect: after fishing in winter, it is reasonable to plan, first drain the pool water, dig out the debris, and after drying for 1 to 20 days in the winter, spread a layer evenly on the bottom of the pool and the slope 15-20 cm thick clay, then mechanically crushed or rammed. Then lay a layer of 0.5 mm thick impermeable membrane as the impermeable protective layer, accurately measure the relevant dimensions according to the shape of the fish pond, and then cut and splice the impermeable membrane according to the actual situation, the joint between the membrane and the membrane The connection width is usually not less than 15 cm. After laying the fish pond impermeable plastic geocells for sale, you should try to reduce walking and moving things on the membrane surface. Anything that can damage the impervious membrane should not be placed on the membrane or Carry it on the membrane to avoid accidental damage to the membrane. Finally, spread some grass seeds on the slope protection and implement turf slope protection to prevent rain wash.

Geotextile is widely used in permanent engineering

Geotextile has the functions of isolation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection, and closure. Therefore, it can be generally used in railways, highways, event venues, dams, hydraulic construction, tunnels, coastal beaches, reclamation, and environmental protection. Therefore, it is also called engineering shelter blanket.

Geotextiles are widely used in permanent engineering. Under permanent load, large deformations will occur, which will cause the civil structure to lose its serenity and form a lot of catastrophic mutagenesis. The function is greatly reduced. This article combines the appearance and implementation, and lists the engineering examples of using composite high quality LDPE geomembrane manufacturers’ membranes to prevent seepage.

It summarizes the methods and reasons for the commonly used geomembrane selection. Combined with the full house project, the physical and mechanical properties of the composite geomembrane of which type are implemented, and the process of adopting the finite element method to adopt the composite geomembrane model is introduced in detail. Introduced the relevant implementation of the interaction between geomembrane and cushion materials. In view of the contradictory characteristics between the composite geomembrane and cushion materials, the self-designed implementation device carried out the contradiction between the composite geomembrane and the two types of cushion materials. Feature implementation.

Geotextiles are also used on highways for reinforcement effects, and can also be used on the surface of drainage pipes to serve as filter shelters. Moreover, in connection with other engineering materials, wholesale textured geomembrane still have a low capital, and the construction is also very expensive. Maybe it’s tiling. The black geotextile has heat-absorbing effect. We have a client who is also used for cultivation in poor sheds. How do we look at the quality of the geotextile? Although initially it depends on its material. Its toughness and toughness have a longer service life.

Geotextiles have gained general application in view of their functions. Now there are many geotextile manufacturers all over China, and the product quality and price are also different. There are many reasons for the price difference of high quality polyester nonwoven geotextile. The products of the poor manufacturers usually have better quality, the price will be more expensive, and the products of small manufacturers will usually be cheaper. Another is that the cost-consuming materials used are different. Geotextile materials that are woven from polypropylene and polypropylene flat yarn as materials are usually not pure for small manufacturers. low.

Geotextile reinforcement method and construction requirements

Widely used in geotechnical engineering such as water conservancy, electric power, mines, highways and railways: filter materials for soil separation; drainage materials for beneficiation of mines and mines; drainage materials for foundations of high-rise buildings polyester geogrid manufacturers; anti-scouring materials for river dams and slope protection; 1. Reinforcement materials for airport runway foundations, reinforcement materials for road construction in swamp areas; frost and frost-resistant insulation materials; and anti-cracking materials for asphalt pavements.

Geotextile reinforcement method and construction requirements: Geotextile is used as a reinforcing material to reinforce the foundation. Its function is similar to flexible firewood. (The log is made of logs or bundled tipping materials, which is spread on the bottom of the embankment, so as to expand the foundation to disperse the load and maintain the stability of the embankment base.) In the embankment with high groundwater level and soft soil foundation high quality uniaxial plastic geogrid, padding earthwork is used The stiffness of the roadbed reinforced by cloth is favorable for drainage. In high-filled embankments, proper layering can be used for padding; padding geotextile on soft foundation can make the load distribution even.

Material: Geosynthetics should have the advantages of light weight, good overall continuity, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, good anti-microbial erosion, and convenient construction. Non-woven uniaxial plastic geogrid for sale should have small pore diameter and good permeability. The texture is soft and can combine well with soil.

The width, quality, thickness, tensile strength, burst strength and permeability coefficient of the selected geosynthetics should meet the design requirements. Construction: Lay on the leveled under bearing layer according to the full width of the bottom of the embankment, straighten and smooth when flattening, close to the under bearing layer, no distortion, wrinkle, overlap. When paving on slopes fiberglass geogrid factory price, a certain degree of tightness should be maintained (U-shaped nails can be used to control).

When laying the geopolymer, sufficient anchor length should be left on each side of the embankment, folded back to cover the compacted packing surface. In order to ensure the integrity of the geosynthetics, when using the lap method to connect, the lap length should be 0.3 ~ 0.9m; when using the seam method, the bonding width is not less than 50mm, and the bonding strength is not lower than the geosynthesis The tensile strength of the material. In the field construction wholesale fiberglass geogrid, on the one hand, it should be noted that the geosynthetics must be repaired immediately when damaged, on the other hand, the upper and lower joints should be staggered alternately, and the staggered length should not be less than 0.5m. During the stacking and laying of geosynthetic materials, try to avoid prolonged exposure and exposure to avoid performance degradation. The quality of the laying should meet the specifications.

In soft soil and swamp areas, where the foundation is wet and soft and the groundwater level is high, treatment with cushions and covering geotextiles will receive better results. In construction, the geotextile is paved with high quality gravel geocell on the base and folded along the slope, so as to cover the embankment paving, which can not only improve the rigidity of the base, but also help drainage, and redistribution of foundation stress to increase the stability of the roadbed.

How much do you know about embroidered towels

We know that towels are made of pure cotton yarn. There are two types of yarn-woven towels and thread-woven towels. Its terry height and density are higher and denser than face towels and pillow towels, its water absorption and water storage performance are also very good, and its heat retention is better than other factory manufacture microfiber printed yoga towel price. Embroidered towels are mainly used to wipe the body after bathing, or to cover the body, and are often used to cover the body or prevent cold. Most towels are made of pure cotton, which is also relatively easy to absorb water.

Most types of towels retain moisture between the yarn and the yarn, and bamboo fiber towels absorb water directly into the fibers, which makes the fiber towels have better water absorption. When we buy towels, we must determine the quality of the microfiber children hooded towel price, depending on the thickness and tightness of the coils. We must know that the thicker the towels, the more they are made of yarn. Naturally, we can Absorb water from the body faster. Many people like velvet towels. Embroidered towels are used to decorate the surface of the fabric on the jacquard loom. Nowadays, people like this kind of towel very much. When we use embroidered towels, we should pay attention to frequent washing and drying, do not hang casually. Be aware that rubbing towels should not be put together. Avoid getting mud. Embroidered towels can also be used as pajamas. It is not only warm but also very convenient. It can also be used as a casual blanket. It is a coincidence to watch TV at noon. The thickness is also very good. The embroidered towel can also be used as a quilt for a baby. It is not easy to be kicked when held on the baby. Even in winter, you can wrap a layer of towel on the baby’s body and then cover the quilt. A good embroidered towel is more intimate, and the thickness is also generous, so it sticks to the skin. Choosing a good multicolor printing bamboo hooded towel factory price requires a housewife with a pair of eyes. The use and maintenance of towels requires that housewives have some knowledge of relevant knowledge.

How to clean the embroidered towel? The first is to put warm water in the basin, add neutral detergent to dissolve it completely, then fold the towel into the basin and step on it with both feet several times. Apply washing powder to the oily area, rub it gently, let the water drip out, and then wash it with warm water. When wringing, you can roll the folded towel inwards into a tube and squeeze it until it is dry. Before processing in a dehydrator, roll up the China ice-cool towel. If you want the washed towel to feel loose and loose, you can use a fabric softener. If the towel is not cleaned or used for a long time, it will cause bacteria to breed and make the towel smell. According to home textile experts, towels for personal use should be changed regularly, and should not exceed 3 months at most. If the towel becomes hard, you can add 30 grams of soda ash or a suitable softener for 1.5 minutes in 1.5 kg of water.

You must bring a towel when you exercise

People who like to watch sports events know that athletes wipe their sweat with towels after strenuous exercise; most people who run in the gym will bring a towel around their neck or on the armrests. Fan Fangjie, senior personal trainer of Beijing No.1 Fitness, told reporters that do n’t think that customized instant ice-cold magic cooling towel wiping is irrelevant. It is from these details to cultivate good exercise habits.

After the exercise, a sweat came out, and if it is not wiped off in time, it will slowly evaporate. Originally, the body gets hot after exercise, and the body loses heat due to the evaporation of sweat. Such a cold and hot stimulation can easily cause a cold instant ice-cold magic cooling towel quotation. “Originally, in order to stay fit and healthy, you won’t get more than a cold. If it affects work and school, it’s even worthless.” Fan Fangjie said. There are also some ball sports, such as basketball and tennis. If you sweat on your face, it will affect your sight and thus affect the quality of the game. Therefore, many basketball and tennis players wear headbands to absorb sweat. There are badminton and tennis balls that need to be gripped. If the sweat on the hands is not wiped off in time, the hands will be slippery and the grip will be unstable.

Sports absorbing sweat microfiber cool sports towel price list on the market have a variety of materials, including pure cotton, microfiber, bamboo fiber, wood fiber, etc., its water absorption and breathability are better than ordinary household towels, more professional, suitable for sports enthusiasts. “If you don’t exercise a lot, just use an ordinary cotton towel.”

Geotextile has low temperature resistance and good frost resistance

Anchorage at high and low parts is the key hub, and construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the construction drawings and after supervision and inspection. During the construction operation process, the construction combination plan is prepared before the polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price is laid out, and the laying method and technical countermeasures are clarified. The quotation of the anti-seepage geotextile is approved by the supervisor before the application. In order to prevent the geotextile from being stepped on, the geotextile should be laid with the pressure, and the geotextile should be laid in harmony with the protection layer.

The quality of the geotextile welding seam in splicing is the key to splicing. It is necessary to consolidate the seam inspection during construction. The inspection method has a visual inspection method and two on-site leak detection. Visual method: After the wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile is welded, check whether there is any missing joint, whether the seam is scalded, whether there is wrinkle, and whether it is evenly stitched.

Precautions when laying geotextile
On-site leak detection uses an inflation method to inspect all welds. The welds are double strips, with a cavity of about 10mm between the two. Seal both ends of the section to be tested, puncture the intake needle, and inflate to 0.05mpa ~ 0.20mpa, stand still for 0.5min, check the vacuum gauge, if the air pressure does not drop, the expression is not leaking, the welding seam passes, otherwise it is necessary to find the elements and quickly repair.

The key point of quality inspection after construction is sampling. HDPE polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale construction takes a test piece every 1000m2 for tensile strength test. It is required that the strength is not less than 80% of the base material, and the sample fracture should not be at the joint, otherwise the joint The quality of the seam failed. A total of weld seam samples were taken on site for tensile strength test. After inspection, the pass rate was 100%, and the weld quality was passed.

Nowadays, many people will bury the material polyester nonwoven geotextile factory price deep underground. In fact, if people bury other plastic films underground, they may not achieve the desired effect. This is because this material is different from other materials. It has many characteristics and advantages. First of all, this material has corrosion resistance. No matter it is acidic soil or alkaline soil, it cannot form a certain erosion effect on this material. Secondly, it also has low temperature resistance. Therefore, it can be used in a low temperature environment, which proves that its antifreeze properties are very good.

What are the unique advantages of geotextile

Perhaps it has not been heard by many people. It is extremely common on the construction site. The role of plastic geocells factory price is mainly to isolate the different construction materials. Because there are often a lot of construction materials mixed on the construction site. The situation causes such a situation that the construction materials are not available, so it is at a very poor level to avoid the occurrence of such situations. Geotextiles may wish to avoid the situation where the two types of construction materials are mixed.

Geotextile has its solid strengths: it can resist normal salt, acid and alkali use. It can have a good durability in the soil or under the ground, it can have better durability; the friction between the interface with the local soil body is strong, and the interface friction The shielding is poor; the permeable soil decomposes the material and has drainage use, extending the drainage solidification time, and directly catching up with the shear strength of the soil. Because the low price HDPE geocell is used as a reinforced material, it has replaced the natural plants and nonmetals one-sidedly Wage breakdown material reinforced soil Due to the volatility of the mall, the price of the filament geotextile was necessary to influence. During the crucial period, the characteristics of the product are still good, and the natural price will go up!

First, the geotextile related geotextile acts as a permanent and independent soil water that obstructs and filters the data and ultimately prevents the accumulation of water pressure, and then prevents the water activity from forming corrosion. The filament wholesale HDPE geocell strains with time under the effect of stable external force The continuous and added scene is called creep when it is used in the project of infiltration, drainage and barrier effect. The filament geotextile is subjected to a steady tensile external force step by step, so the pupa change characteristic of the filament geotextile is the goal of fabric selection;

Secondly, geotextile is also effectively used to optimize crop productivity. In short, the storage of geotextile directly affects the effect of high quality plastic geocells. Geotextile manufacturers store their products, must be stored in the above points, in order to ensure the effect of geotextile.

How to remove mites from pillow towels better?

1. Sunbathing
Many people are clean, the first step is to wash the water, but for the pillow microfiber children hooded towel price, we can choose the sun before washing. After exposure to the sun for about two hours, then soak in washing powder for about 20 minutes. Here you need to use warm water. Then you will find out during the time of scrubbing. The following sweat stains will be easily rubbed off and then washed again. Use boiling water to scald it again.

2. Use mites to remove mites
Everyone likes to use Taomi water to wash dishes and mops, but few people use it to clean bedding. Taomi water is more effective against clean pillow mites. At the time, the remaining rice water of Taomi was boiled, add as many pieces of orange peels as you like, and then put the pillow multicolor printing bamboo hooded towel factory price in the boiled rice water, soak for a while, scrub, and you will find the pillow and the new one after washing. The same. The effect of this method of decontamination is much better than using laundry detergent and soap directly.

3. In addition to dew drops
Everyone at home should have a bottle of dewdrops, but if you think it can only repel mosquitoes, then you squander its influence. Adding a little dewdrop while washing the pillow China ice-cool towel can make the alcohol contained outside it fully display the effect of sterilization and mite removal, assist in decontamination and itching, and the consequences are also very good. It still has a fragrant fragrance at the time of washing and also helps to sleep. Here is a little skill. Adding aspirin powder when washing pillows and pillows can make pillows and pillows harder to turn yellow and discolor.

Geotextiles have good corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance

Geotextile is a kind of glass fiber net structure material made by special weaving process. This kind of material has high heat resistance and excellent cold resistance, high tensile strength, good elasticity, low shrinkage coefficient, strong wear resistance, excellent tear strength, and high chemical fluctuation. Using aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers as the reinforcing material for asphalt pavement can avoid cracks caused by high-temperature shrinkage of the pavement, can change the structural stress spread of the pavement, prevent the expansion of reflective cracks, and can increase the rutting of the rutting. After being chemically treated, the glass fiber geotextile improves the appearance function of glass fiber and strengthens the adhesion between glass fiber and asphalt, so that it can not be cracked and warped after contact with asphalt mixture at a low temperature of 160 ℃ Warped. With excellent construction function, it can extend the service life of the highway, and can absolutely reduce the thickness of the pavement structure layer, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of highway construction.

Nowadays, many people will bury the material high quality aquaculture geomembrane deep underground. In fact, if people bury other plastic films underground, they may not achieve the desired effect. This is because this material is different from other materials. It has many characteristics and advantages. First of all, this material has corrosion resistance. No matter it is acidic soil or alkaline soil, it cannot form a certain erosion effect on this material. Secondly, it also has low temperature resistance. Therefore, it can be used in a low temperature environment, which proves that its antifreeze properties are very good.

Geotextiles have good corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance
In modern society, people are looking for raw materials that are not poisonous. The high quality environmental geomembrane meets this standard, so now this seemingly ordinary film has attracted people’s attention. With the increase in social demand year by year, The output of this material is getting higher and higher, and many large enterprises are now joining the industry field of producing this material, because although this material looks relatively ordinary, its appearance is not good, but it has good corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and Antifreeze properties.

This is because the material of LDPE geomembrane for sale has strong corrosion resistance, and people can also use it in a low temperature environment, so now many farmers in the three northeastern provinces will use this material to buckle the greenhouse, now this material It has entered many industrial fields, and some workers will bury it deeply underground. Whether it is immersed in water, buried deep in the ground, or used in cold and severe weather, its physical properties will not Change, so this material has a high value for modern society.

Laying of permeable geotextile

Geotextile storage, transportation and handling Geotextile rolls should be protected from damage before installation. Geotextiles should be stacked in a place where there is no accumulated water, the height of the stack should not exceed four rolls, and the identification piece of the roll can be seen. The geotextile must be covered with opaque materials to prevent UV aging. During the storage process, the integrity of the label and the integrity of the data should be maintained. The dimple drainage board manufacturers must be protected from damage during transportation, including from material storage to on-site transportation. Geotextiles that have been physically damaged must be repaired. Severely worn geotextiles cannot be used. Any geotextile in contact with leaking chemical reagents is not allowed to be used in this project.
Permeable geotextile laying method: use manual rolling; the cloth surface should be smooth, and the deformation allowance should be reserved as appropriate. The installation of filament or short dimple drainage board for sale is usually lapped, stitched and welded. The width of stitching and welding is usually 0.1 μm or more, and the overlap width is usually 0.2 M or more. Geotextiles that may be exposed for a long time should be welded or stitched.

The advantages of permeable geotextile:
To isolate, use polyester staple fiber needle-punched dimple drainage board factory price to isolate building materials (such as soil, sand, soil, and concrete) with different physical properties (particle size, distribution, consistency, and density). Two or more materials will not be lost or mixed, and maintain the overall structure and function of the material, thereby enhancing the load-bearing capacity of the structure.
Filtration, when water flows from the fine soil layer into the rough soil layer, polyester fiber is used to penetrate the geotextile, has good air permeability and water permeability, makes the water flow through, and effectively carries soil particles, fine sand and small. Stone, etc., to maintain the stability of water and soil engineering.
Drainage. Polyester staple fiber needle-punched geotextiles have good water-conducting properties and can form drainage channels in the soil to expel excess liquid and gas from the soil structure. Reinforcement, using polyester staple fiber needle-punched wholesale dimple drainage board to enhance the tensile strength and deformation resistance of the soil, enhance the stability of the building structure and improve the soil quality.
Protection, when water flows into the soil, it effectively spreads, transfers or decomposes the concentrated pressure to prevent the soil from being damaged by external forces, thereby protecting the soil. High tensile strength, good permeability, breathability, high temperature resistance, frost resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, no insects.