SBM Makes Great Efforts to Ensure Grinder Quality

The powder grinding machine industry is very lucrative in the mechanical industry. In recent years, the domestic market is pretty hot, so the earlier manufacturing company reaped huge profits from this machine.
For this reason, many manufacturing companies become jealous and they also invest in this equipment and put into operation with the purpose of harvesting huge profits even though they are not machinery-related companies. As a result, the quality of the powder grinding equipment in the market is also intermingled with good and bad. The application filed of the non-metallic ore powders is constantly expanding, and the market demands for powder grinding machines continue to increase, and more and more guar-coated produces participate in the manufacturing, so it can be said that the present powder grinding equipment market is very like the science and technology market, in which there are machines with both high and low quality. So it is advisable for the customers to make a comprehensive consideration when purchasing the machine.
The powder grinding machine such as scm ultrafine mill is one of the important machines in the large powder-grinding production line, and the quality of this machine is extremely important because its quality determines the construction safety of the whole production line and the construction project. For this reason, when choosing powder grinding equipment, the investors and the buyers should inspect not only the history of the manufacturing companies, but the product quality and the after-sales services, and they should never just consider the price factors.
SBM Machinery is a leading company in mill research, production and selling, and we have been engaged in the production of this machine for many years so that we are able to satisfy the different needs of the different customers. Innovation is an important reason for the constant development and expansion of SBM mill series products. It is always our belief to control product quality, produce products and equipment that conform to the customers’ requirements, and the customers’ satisfaction is always the eternal motivation for our survival and development.

Zenith Machinery Insists on Innovation and Improves Ultrafine Mill Performance

The advancement of science cannot go without innovation, only through which an enterprise can become more powerful. As the main sand making equipment in the sand making production line, ultrafine mill can only be able to meet the sand demand standard of national construction industry only through constant development and innovation. Since founded, Shanghai Zenith Mining Machinery has constantly increased the investment in scientific research capital to make the whole production line in a good development state and make a good contribution to the construction industry in our country.
Through the improvement on all the details of sand making plant in these years, the ultrafine millry produced by Shanghai Zenith Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has been greatly improved in performance and helped our company to well management the after-sales service of our products to get better and higher returns. In the transmission part of ultrafine mill, on the basis of existing level, it will be risky to try new technologies. For this reason, Zenith Machinery carefully chooses several reliable points for trail, for example, using simplified belt wheel device to greatly reduce the power wasted in driving device and using good lubrication and equip bearing with large inertia device to improve the stability of the working condition and reduce the driving loss.
Besides these points that need attention, Shanghai Zenith Mining Machinery has not only focused on high performance of the sand making products. Influenced by foreign large ore beneficiation equipment manufacturers, Zenith Machinery begins to pay attention to the usability and humanized controllability of the equipment. On SMM-C series of sand making plant, improved control device has been applied, and the biggest feature of this device is that it can realize real time monitoring of the changes of all technical details through the screen, making the machine the real ultrafine mill expert and sand production data base.

SBM Introduces the Commonly Used Construction Waste Crusher

A Brief Introduction to construction waste crusher Crusher
The construction waste crusher crusher, also called the hammer crusher machine, construction waste crusher, hammering machine, is used to crush all kinds of medium hard and brittle materials of little-abrasion, whose compressive strength is no more than 100MPa and moisture content less than 15%, such as coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, tile and limestone. It is also used to crush fiber structure, cracked wood of strong elasticity and toughness, paper, or the waste of cracked asbestos cement to recycle the asbestos fiber and so on. Moreover, the hammer crusher can not only be used in the crushing product line and the sand making product line, but also be used as the cone crusher in the ores dressing product line.
The Performance of Hammer Crusher Machine
According to statistics, more than 80% raw materials of cement production line are crushed though hammer crusher machine in primary crushing and impact crusher as secondary crushing equipment, or merely through hammer crusher machine. So hammer crusher machine plays a very important role in cement production line. At present, double rotors hammer crusher machine from SBM company is the first developed and the biggest hammer crusher machine, which claims the title of aircraft carrier of crusher.
The Application of Hammering machine
The development of hammering machine in China was very slow before the 1970s, and is fast in recent decade, and it has formed universal medium crushing and fine crushing series and coal medium crushing and fine crushing series with more than ten specifications. The irreversible hammering machine is generally used for medium crushing, and the reversible hammering machine is generally used for fine crushing. In addition, one-stage hammering machine is used for crushing the materials with the granularity of 1900mm such as limestone into 25mm just for once, which simplifies the traditional two or three stage crushing into one crushing , thus saving a lot of infrastructure and production expenditure.

SBM high power crusher becomes mainstream in the market

The earliest introduced crusher in China was the crusher with 4000 horsepower manufactured by American Neville Company; it adopted the semi-wet system and put into production since 1996. From the present situation, its production capacity is 100t/h, it always in the state of stopping to wait for materials, so it has a higher vacancy rate with great One-time invest capital. However, based on the customer demands, the real begin of introducing core technology of construction waste crusher was from the Hubei lid machine tool limited liability company. At the very start, the company was serious in market research, they analyses the market situation at home and aboard, looks for the machine type that suitable for our national conditions as well as economic and satisfy the market demands.
Before the good expected results of the construction waste crusher project technology and economic analysis, we combine with the high voltage power electric motor manufacturer with strength power and aptitude for technology research, and have successfully manufactured high voltage power main electric motor and its High pressure control electric system. At the same time, we have ally powerful manufacturers of vibrating transmission equipment and magnetic separation equipment to manufacture the vibrating transmit equipment’s and magnetic equipment assembled with the crusher.
In particular, Hubei lid machine tool limited liability company developed heavy track steel scrap feeding conveyor depends its own research and technology power and the product advantages of hydraulic pressure technology; it has developed the computer monitoring and control system and hydraulic power system of production line, and combined the first integrated steel scrap crushing production line with high engineering level in domestic. The most pleasing thing is, as the improvement of Chinas metallurgy technology and production capacity, the high strength wearable hammer and liner used in crusher were successful developed in domestic. After used in the same machine with the hammer and liner produced in American, we found their using effects can be compared with those from America, thus it solves the problems of spare part source. In the meantime, the whole steel scrap crushing production line technology and localization decrease the costs and one-time invest of customer , which will make the popularization of steel scrap crushing production line become possible.
At present, Shanghai SBM mining machinery Colt is a relatively strong and specializes in the RD, sale and export of crusher manufacturer. Shanghai SBM has provide thousands sets of equipment’s and schemes for mining industry, building industry, Transportation field, heat-engine plant and hydropower station; with its high efficiency, high reliability and good comprehensive benefit, the company is deeply welcome by customers. Our company has successfully designed and manufactured SBM brand crusher, pulverizer and sand maker as well as production lines of crushing, grinding and sand making, which will meet the demands of different customers used in the industries of metallurgy, miming and chemical industry.

SBM Dances freely in E-commerce Kingdom

In the fast developing society, electronic commerce is gradually becoming the hottest topic in the mining mechanical industry. As the leading company in the mining mechanical machinery industry, whether should SBM Machinery embark on the electronic commerce industry? Obviously, the answer is yes, SBM not only will participate in it but will lead the whole industry.
After a series of research and preparation, SBM begin to take advantage of e-commerce to bring interest to the company. We begin to establish our own website, display our products on the website and provide all kinds of consultant services on the website so that we can display our products like construction waste crusher to the whole world. We believe that the e-commerce has indelible contribution in attracting a lot of customers that come afar. All in all, it might be difficult in the beginning, but we have accumulated a lot of experience after a period of temper, so that now we can do this work with high proficiency and gradually expand the range and introduce talents of different disciplines and strive to achieve our goals as early as possible. At present, the goal of leading the whole mining machinery industry in e-commerce has been finished and we are now going higher and higher.
The interest brought by E-commerce to our company has come to known and other behindhand companies and other industries also see the development hope because only doing the e-commerce work better can the company welcome fast development, can people know about the products manufactured by this company and use the products and can the company attract the global customers.
At present, the development trend of the mechanical industry is very good. If the mechanical companies want to get further development with the help of this opportunity, doing the e-commerce well is a good beginning, and SBM deeply believe this. Under the present market competition pressure, we still need great efforts to achieve better. So SBM Machinery makes full use of the previous working experience of the specific operation and the standard business operation, research a whole set of plan in the e-commerce and positions the goal of the later stage, and we believe that SBM Machinery will be able to achieve this significant goal in time. At the same, we look forward that SBM Machinery has more beautiful dance to show before every one.
Shanghai SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has many years’ of technological power and experience accumulation of manufacturing and management of drying machines. The ball mill we researched and developed with great concentration plays an active role in the mining and ore beneficiation industry and is one of the indispensable mining crushing equipment in the mining industry. This machine has the most competitive price and the most reliable quality so that it is the top choice for the high performance crushing equipment.

SBM Construction Waste Crusher Technology

SBM construction waste crusher technology is new crushing and grinding engineering and technology accompanied by the development of modern high technology and new materials industries in recent years. SBM construction waste crusher technology has become the most important industrial minerals and other raw materials processing technologies, which is significant to the development of modern high-tech industries. Material after being fine grinded can dramatically improve its effectiveness and utilization.
The construction waste crusher is on its way to industrial sector and hi-tech sector, which is known as the origin of the modern high-tech. SBM construction waste crusher technology has been widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and aerospace, agriculture, environmental protection and many other fields. Powder and grinding industry in China has become a cross-industry, cross-discipline big industry, with its output accounting for more than half of the sum industrial production value, occupying an important position in the national economy.
With the rapid development of grinding industry, many enterprises major in manufacturing construction waste crusher have emerged out. The scientific research and development of production, application and manufacturing is very fast, so many new equipment and new products have appeared on the market, showing an exuberant vitality and vigor. As Chinas rapid economic development, and construction waste crushers will play their crucial role in the project territory. The mining machinery and grinding mill industry has gone through the extensive development time relying on cheap labor advantage. Now, it is in line with the international trend of low-carbon economic development, and is actively exploring the development of energy saving and environmental protection.

SBM Construction Waste Crusher Is on the Stage of Automation

construction waste crusher is the major conveying equipment of coal, mining, food and agriculture industries, which has several advantages such as large conveying amount, high efficiency and simple structure. It has lower failure rate and stronger adaptation when compared with bucket elevator and spiral chute. So, it is fully approved by customers.
Currently, conveying equipment has formed various forms of competition, and there are many deficiencies in the production of conveyors. In addition, some components are limited by production environment and properties of materials. So, in order to ensure the reliability and stability of construction waste crusher, we need to confront with the development realities of the conveyor and solve the problems timely. Only by doing so, the sound development of conveying equipment can be promoted effectively. SBM construction waste crusher consists of different combinations based on different production output. Particularly, some special parts have flexible combinations according to different production requirements. After long-time transformation of wearing parts, which not only greatly reduce the failure rate and maintenance workload of conveyor belt, but also decrease production costs for enterprises.
The future development of mining machinery will be high-end, automatic and energy-saving, which is the only way for the innovation and reform of conveyor manufacturers. Therefore, SBM construction waste crusher has realized the cooperation of mechanic, electricity, sound, light and instrument to gradually step into automatic areas.

High Quality Will Continue to Be the Primary Concern

Based on the introduction of foreign technology and constantly RD on the new craft, our company designs and makes the hydraulic ore milling equipments. Unlike the common ore milling equipment, the hydraulic ore milling equipment not only has the advanced structure design, perfect crushing ability, the best reliability, the lower operation cost, but also is suitable for various kinds of working condition.
This new hydraulic ore milling equipment can completely be used for different crude and fine crushing job, even the extremely fine crushing job. And ore milling equipment in the design using modular design, by changing cavity type, can realize coarse, medium and fine grinding of conversion, productivity change agile, and application range. In addition, the hydraulic ore milling equipment realizes the higher automation degree, thus it has become more and more popular among the users.
After nearly a century’s development, the ore milling equipment has been evolutionally improved. Pebble crusher is also widely used in all kinds stone crushing plant which is the ideal crushing equipment for crushing river stone, sandstone, river gravel, cobble stone, pebble, cobble, granite, basalt and so on, and the crusher is a special equipment processing construction sand and stone.
Now the hydraulic ore milling equipment has been much more advanced than the old one. However, due to its higher cost and higher requirement of technology, few manufactures can provide it, among which our company is an exception. We have been devoted to continuously optimizing the performance of the crusher to pursue the excellent quality.

High Filling Ratio Improves Efficiency of Ore Milling Equipment

Grinding ball of ball making equipment is with cascade-shower function in the trajectory. The allowance of ore milling equipment kinetic energy makes grinding body and lining board be worn by strong impact, which worsens the dissociation of mineral ores. In order to overcome the disadvantages of ball mill machine in grinding process and strengthen the grinding process, we can improve load of ore milling equipment and filling ratio of grinding ball.
Under the condition of high filling ratio, the energy of grinding media can be used more rationally. First, it greatly reduces the allowance of grinding ball kinetic energy, which makes kinetic energy close to the necessary value for crushing process of oxidized ore, therefore, mineral particles can get more reasonable dissociation, at the same time, argillization degree decreases.
We can verify the effect of high filling ratio on grinding efficiency of ball mill machine as follows: Taking a test under the condition that the filling ratios of grinding ball are respectively 0.4 and 0.8.According to results of the test we find that grinding energy consumption reduces by 50%, productivity calculated according to products grade increases by40% and argillization degree reduces by 8% ~ 10% if the filling ratio is improved from0.4 to 0.8.
In addition, the ore volume is equal to the space volume between steel balls within the mill; when filling ratio is 0.8, the space between balls is once larger than that of 0.4 filling ratio, thus improving the productivity of ball mill machine.

Hidden place of Kaolin resources in motherland

Kaolin resources are abundant in China. More than 600 kaolin occurrences have been found and their resources are estimated at over 1.2 billion tons. Moreover, according to the prediction of the coal department, the prospective resources of sedimentary kaolin’s in coal measures of northern China may attain 18 billion tons. Thus it follows that the total kaolin resources in China may probably exceed 19 billion tons, ranking in the forefront of the world. By the end of 1997, 210 kaolin occurrences (including 11 supercargo ones, 28 large ones, 62 medium-sized ones and 109 small ones) had been explored and their retained reserves obtained. Chinas retained kaolin reserves of categories B+C+D as of 1997 totaled 1,434.51 million tons.
Shanghai Oriental Heavy Industry machinery Co,.Ltd supplies Kaolin crushers, such as raymond mill, impact crusher, raymond mill, hammer crusher, mobile crusher, roller crusher, new-style fine crusher, hp raymond mill, zts raymond mill, ztc raymond mill, hcc raymond mill, spring raymond mill, hydraulic impact crusher, etc.
Among the retained kaolin reserves, categories B+C reserves account for 24% of the total. Exploration or detailed reconnaissance has been conducted in 77% of the kaolin occurrences. Some major mines in Jiangsu, Hunan and Guangdong provinces show relatively high levels of geological work, with categories B+C reserves accounting for up to 35% to 80% of the total; whereas in some provinces only reconnaissance has been carried out in major mines and only category D retained reserves have been obtained.
Among the kaolin occurrences with retained reserves, those that have been used amount to 81 (including 5 supercargo ones, 9 large ones, 22 medium-sized ones and 45 small ones), distributed in Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Hunan, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Sichuan and Yunnan, and their retained kaolin reserves total 590 million tons, making up 41% of the total, and may satisfy the demands for kaolin production in China till 2010 and in a still later period; 119 occurrences (including 6 supercargo ones, 18 large ones, 36 medium-sized ones and 59 small ones) are selectively usable, distributed in Shaanxi, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hunan and Hainan, contributing 810 million tons of retained kaolin reserves which accounting for 57% of the total; 10 occurrences (including 1 large one, 4 medium-sized ones and 5 small ones) are difficult to use in the near future, distributed in Jiangxi, Anhui, Guangdong and Zhejiang, having 30 million tons of retained kaolin reserves, accounting for 2% of the total.